Wie heute bekannt gegeben wurde kann man sich die Offizielle Puplic Beta von Natural Selection 3.2 runterladen und spielen! Gleich 4 neue Maps und etliche Veränderungen sind in dieser Version durchgeführt worden. Dabei sind zum Beispiel ...

Kolisionsmodels überarbeitet worden. Es ist wirklich erstaunlich was alles gemacht wurde, hat man vor einiger Zeit noch von "Stillstand" geredet.
Da es sich hierbei immer noch um eine Modifikation handelt können nur Half-Life 1 Besitzer (HL1 Original und Half-Life Antology) spielen.
Zu den Vielen Veränderungen gehören natürlich auch etliche Bugfixes und verbesserungen. Dazu gehört auch ein großer Map update der alte Maps mit etlichen neuen Features ausstattet. Zu den Map Updates gehören: ns_altair, ns_blast, ns_exlipse, ns_nancy, ns_shiva, ns_veil


Die neuen Maps:


Image Image Image  
The Prometheus relais station was abandoned when the technology it used was outdated and updates were no longer feasible. Five Years later it was brought back on duty to serve as an advanced materials lab for special compounds that were discovered by a mining operation in the surrounding asteroids in the rings of the gas giant prometheus. Operations ran smoothly for several years.  On a fateful day the station was infected by the Kharaa during mining incident. The nearby supply cruiser on route to the station now sends over its marines to seize research data and rescue any possible survivors.


Image Image Image  
Work-in-progress. Machina is set on a mining ship designed and owned by a reclusive set of human colonists, of whom nothing much is known owing to their societies apparent disdain for any cultural exchange. As Marines, you will start at the bridge of the ship, fighting southward into the belly of the ship. Aliens may start either in the west, east or south.

Image Image Image  
ns_lucid is a map with a distinctive visual style and frantic gameplay. Its flowing architecture and well connected layout means that teammates as well as enemies are never far away. The map's high ceilings and winding corridors give the advantage to whoever can get the first hit in and victory to whoever can hit the hardest.

Image Image Image  
co_umbra is a large combat which features long, wide corridors with moderate cover and high ceilings. Despite the apparent advantage the marines may have, the aliens can utilise the extensive ventilation network and the many concealed ambush points to hamper the marine's progress. There are three routes linking the alien half of the map to the marine side, each route converges in the centre of the map where most of the action takes place. Because of the size of the map, it is important that the marines play aggressively to be able to secure a victory.




Maps Updates:

  • Updated ns_altair (by KungFuDiscoMonkey)
  • Updated ns_bast (by Mendasp)
    • Added vent between Databank Access and Tram Tunnel.
  • Updated eclipse (by MrBen)
    • Removed pillar in marine spawn.
    • Redesigned power sub junction.
    • Removed clipping errors across map.
    • Minor architectural change to south loop to remove snagging.
    • Removed water and infestation from the floor of computer core.
  • Updated ns_nancy (by Lazer)
    • New Vent from Port to Aux Command. Should help aliens defend the port hive a little bit more.
    • Ladders at Cargo moved to the sides to help fades from getting stuck.
    • Most everything has texture alignment now.
  • Updated ns_shiva (by moultano)
    • Flattened Draft Shafts: no more ladders, no more stairs.
    • Removed elevator in shiva core. Replaced with ramp.
    • Enlarged 2 hallways in steam tunnels.
    • Expanded maintenance and southern hallway overlooking maintenance
    • Expanded walkways in shiva core
    • Changed the animation on welding the node in shiva core to open up the room more. The center now gets out of the way.
    • Enlarged hallway in lower level of generator.
    • Enlarged vents in steam tunnels, cryochambers, tunnel, shipment processing.
    • Enlarged vent entrances in steam tunnels, cyrochambers, airlock.
    • Added generator->tunnel vent, and extended cryochambers vent into databurst.
    • Reworked ladders in steam tunnels. (Oni hate angled ladders)
    • Commander can no longer accidentally build the double node, although gorges still can.
    • Added delay to shivacore weldable to prevent players rushing in and getting smashed.
    • Airlock weldable no longer kills everything inside, and one of the two doors remains open.
    • Moved cryochambers ladder to slightly more protected position.
    • Flattened ceiling of hallway between generator and steam tunnels to ease blinking.
    • Shrunk platform in generator to ease blinking.
    • Moved some of the spawns in datacore to prevent spawn camping.
    • Partially plugged the hole next to elevator in cryochambers.
    • Structures are no longer placeable in outside areas.
    • Widened vent into tunnel
    • Hopefully fixed Onos-splatting around shiva core.
  • Updated ns_veil (by MrBen)
    • Minor architectural changes to pipeline.
    • Redesign of c12 area.
    • Removed the infestation of subsector roof so meds can now be dropped on hive floor.


New Features

  • Bindable alien movement abilities (blink, leap, charge)
    • Movement abilities can be bound directly using +movement.
    • Movement abilities can still be selected as a "weapon" and fired (no change).
    • Movement abilities can be used in the readyroom but play at a much lower volume.
    • Set "r" to default +movement in the keyboard bindings.
    • Changed description for "Reload" to "Reload/alien movement" in the keyboard bindings.
  • Added teleport feature to hives
    • Players may now use an active hive to be teleported to the next hive with an 0.8 second cooldown per player.
    • If a player uses a growing hive, it triggers 'The Enemy Approaches' Alert and makes it available for both hive and mc teleportation.
    • Friendly fire no longer makes a hive available for teleportation.
    • Hive teleport order is determined by the top-to-bottom order shown on the alien HUD.
    • If a player can't reach a hive to use it, standing directly under the hive while pressing use will also work.
  • "Ghost" placement model for marine structures
    • When a marine structure is first placed by the commander, it will be a ghost structure.
    • A ghost structure is partially transparent (but still solid) and will be immediately recycled for 80% of the resource cost if touched by an alien player.
    • A ghost structure can be attacked and damaged without triggering an immediate recycle.
    • The commander can choose to recycle a ghost structure in the same manner as an unbuilt structure.
    • When a marine player starts to build a ghost structure, it will turn into a normal unbuilt structure.
  • NS on HLTV
    • NS now sends minimap updates to a connected HLTV server.
    • NS now sends particle system templates to a connected HLTV server.  Spores, Welder sparks etc. should display when spectating via HLTV.
    • NS now sends hive information to HLTV.
    • Every 30 seconds, the HLTV server rebuilds the information so recently connected players get the data too.
    • Various bugfixes to improve the HLTV experience (detailed later in the changelog).


Gameplay changes:

  • Removed the hive-based armor bonus.  Aliens now have "hive one armor" throughout the game.
  • Modified lerk flight
    • Increased the base lerk speed to 650.
    • Reduced the effect of celerity on lerk flight from 25 to 20 (per chamber).
    • Lerks now lose more speed when they climb, but still dive quickly.
  • Onos charge
    • Added knockback effect to charge so that the Onos may not be blocked by aliens or marines.
    • Charge causes damage at a rate of 80 health per second, as long as charge contact is maintained.
    • When using charge, the Onos will be propelled forward as long as +attack/+movement is activated and the Onos has enough energy.
  • Lowered blink fire rate so energy drain is reduced.
    • Blink maximum speed unchanged.
    • Blink requires you to press your +attack or +movement key for double the time, but energy is drained at half the rate.
  • Changed cloak behaviour to be more consistent and intuitive.
    • Aliens always cloak at rate dependent on the number of sensories.
    • Cloaking takes 1 second to begin.
    • It takes 4, 8 and 12 seconds to cloak depending on the number of sensories.
  • Increased defense chamber healing effect:
    • A target is now healed for the usual 10 health points and an additional + 1% of its maximum health (per DC healing tick).
  • Web changes
    • Webs now harden 1.5 seconds after being formed.
    • Unhardened webs can be destroyed by marines walking through them without causing the player to get entangled.
    • Web sounds updated to reflect the new behavior.
    • Changed web rendering so they are consistent and easily visible in all render modes.
  • Leap no longer does Friendly Fire damage.
  • When redemption chooses a destination hive, it will not choose a hive under attack unless no other active hive is available.
  • If the current hive is under attack, the player will not be teleported to it (assuming that there is another valid destination hive available).
  • Reduced bilebomb velocity from 750 to 650.
  • Changed ladder functionality for fades.
    • The fade will never stick to a ladder when actively blinking.
    • The fade can only climb ladders when its vertical speed is low (between -175 and 175).
  • Removed telefragging by adding pushback to infantry portals and phasegates.
  • Reduced phase gate cooldown from 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds.
  • Jetpack cost tweaks (to make the JPs less risky as a strategy).
    • Increased JP research cost by 10 res.
    • Increased JP research time by 15 sec.
    • Reduced JP cost from 15 to 10.
    • Players who touch the ground with a jetpack active no longer stick to it.